Time Building (Aircraft and FSTD)

Flyschool offers its students flight hours in its extensive fleet of aircraft. The flight hours can be done at the base in Madrid or Mallorca, and aircraft models can be interchanged within the same rate.

The purpose is to gather the experience necessary for the award of the Commercial Pilot Licence and/or associated ratings as required by Appendix 3, Annex 1 (Part-FCL).

The school offers instruction service, flight improvement, rating renewal and all flight concepts included, possibility of overnight stay and accommodation (on request).

Single-engine solo student flights will require a release subject to the school's internal requirements.

The course includes:

  • Instructor (where necessary)
  • 100% of the fleet available
  • Flight operations service
  • Use of briefing and break rooms
  • Fuel and oil
  • Air navigation and parking fees
  • Travel insurance (per diem and transfers)
  • FSTD (class of two students per session)


1Piper PA28 (Cadet, Warrior, Archer)
10 Flight hours - 180 €/hour
20 Flight hours - 170 €/hour
50 Flight hours - 160 €/hour
2Cessna 172 (AVGAS & JET A1)
10 Flight hours - 180 €/hour
20 Flight hours - 170 €/hour
50 Flight hours - 160 €/hour
3Czech PS28 Cruiser
10 Flight hours - 180 €/hour
20 Flight hours - 170 €/hour
50 Flight hours - 160 €/hour
4Piper PA34 Séneca II / III Turbo
05 Flight hours - 500 €/hour
15 Flight hours - 475 €/hour
30 Flight hours - 450 €/hour

Supervising pilot essential.
5Simulador AL250 (FNPT-II)
05 Flight hours - 150 €/hour
10 Flight hours - 140 €/hour
20 Flight hours - 130 €/hour

Price for 2 pilots.
6Simulador A320 (FNPT-II MCC)
05 Flight hours - 160 €/hour
10 Flight hours - 150 €/hour
20 Flight hours - 140 €/hour

Price for 2 pilots.

Entry requirements

  • Licencia EASA PPL/CPL con clase en vigor
  • Certificado Médico de clase 1 / 2
  • Superación de exámenes POH y MO
  • Suelta en el avión, aeropuerto y zona

Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements do I need to fly at Flyschool?
The pilot must be enrolled in one of the courses leading to the commercial pilot licence, associated ratings, refresher courses or renewal courses. The student must have a valid aeronautical medical certificate.

Can I fly without an instructor?
Yes. For doing so, the student must have a valid flight licence and rating for the aircraft to be dlown, a class 1 or 2 medical certificate, previous experience in the aircraft and pass the check flights determined by the school.

What requirements do I need to enrol?
The general requirements are 18 years of age, ID card or passport, photograph, signature of the contract and payment of the package of hours. Students of the full commercial pilot course can pay for the hours as they take them.

Where can I get a medical certificate?
Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Madrid
C/Castelló, 80 – Tel.: +34. 91.643.78.66
Centro Médico Tecsalud, Palma de Mallorca
Avinguda de Joan March, 8 - Tel: +34.971.75.14.14

Is it possible to fly from any base?
The school's students will be able to carry out flight hours at any of the organisation's bases as long as the skill, knowledge of the area and specific procedures of each airport are checked.

Can I stay overnight or spend the day away from the base?
Yes, as long as we do at least 5 hours of flying with the aircraft, the students will be able to take the plane for the whole day and sleep outside the field (accommodation not included), with the supervision and acceptance of the Chief Flight Instructor(CFI).

If I am an integrated student, can I fly at another base?
Of course, students on the integrated course may carry out the training phases at the base of their choice after consultation with the school, which will inform them of the availability of aircraft and instructors available at that time.

How long will it take me to complete the flight hours?
It depends on several factors such as the student's availability, weather conditions during the flight phase, number of students at any given time, etc. In this sense, the school can authorise the displacement of aircraft and personnel between bases if necessary to take advantage of the meteorological conditions.

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