The aim of the Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training is to improve the cockpit coordination between the crew members. The MCC training course is the bridge between the ATPL course and the future workplace within the cockpit environment.

Our experienced MCC trainers will equip you with knowledge that you will need to be able to work as a responsible pilot within an airline crew.

The focus of the MCC course is the training of skills such as communication, decision making, teamwork and leadership.


  • Be in possession of the Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot (CPL) with Instrument Flight Rating (IR). 
  • Start: immediate, if you do not have a partner to carry out the flights, we will look for it.

Theoretical training 

25 hours classroom instruction (Videos, CBTs, practical examples) in the following topics:

  • Interfaces
  • Leadership/Followership and Authority
  • Personality, Attitude and Motivation
  • Communications
  • Crew Coordination Procedures
  • Use of Checklists
  • Mutual Supervision
  • Information and Support

Practical training

  • 10 Hours of which as a Pilot Flying PF 
  • 10 Hours as Pilot non Flying PNF

Duration of training

The theoretical training comprises 4 days, the practical simulator training has a scope of 5 days.


King Air B200 Simulator: € 1.890 / Airbus A320: € 2.450 / Airbus A320 MCC + JOC €: 2.950

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