This course is addressed to those who own the Private Pilot License  and want to increase their capabilities to fly under Instrumental Flight Rules, associated to Multi-Engine (MEP). The minimum requierements to be able to fly Multi-Engine, is to start the Instrumental Multi-Engine Rating (MEP/IR).

In case the student, does not have the Multi Engine training (MEP), can do it at the same time.


  • A minimum experience of 70 flying hours as a Pilot in Command (PIC).
  • Hold the Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot (CPL). 
  • Hold Medical Class 1 or 2.


Those students with Private Pilot License (PPL), who have not passed the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) must take 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction distributed in 8 subjects:

  • Air Law 
  • Aircrafts General Knowledge
  • Performance and  Flight Planning
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Principle of Flight 
  • Communications

Students with Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) passed, do not need additional training for the teoretical knowledge, but the school could offer these IR refresher courses (12 Hours).


In case of having Multi-Engine (ME) rating:

Option 1: Instrumental  (MEP/IR) 

  • 17 Advanced Twin Flying Hours 
  • 40 Single-Engine or Advanced Flying Hours 
  • Price: 13.800 €  (Flying Exam included) 

Option 2: Instrumental  (MEP/IR)  + SIMULATOR

  • 17 Advanced Twin Flying Hours
  • 40 hours in FNPT-II B200
  • Price: 10.000 € (Flight Exam included)

In case not having Multi-Engine (ME) rating:

Option 3: Instrumental (MEP/IR) + Flying Lessons (MEP)  + SIMULATOR

  • 23 Advanced Twin Flying Hours
  • 10 Single-Engine or Advanced Flying Hours 
  • 30 hours in FNPT-II B200
  • Price: 13.500 € (Flight Exam included)

Option 4: Instrumental (MEP/IR) + Flying Lessons (MEP)  + SIMULATOR

  • 23 Advanced Twin Flying Hours
  • 40 hours in FNPT-II B200
  • Price: 12.500 € (Flight Exam included)

(*) We have an adaptation programme from Instrumental Single-Engine to Multi-Engine, consisting of 5 hours of training plus the exam. 

(*) Those who own a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) issued according to OACI Annex 1, their requiered training in flight could be reduced by 5 hours.

(*) IR Rating Instructors are highly experienced pilots.

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