Flyschool course for obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) is developed in accordance with the European JAR-FCL and recognized by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority and EASA. It is intended for candidates without experience in flight who wish to fly as pilot in command  in leisure flights or unpaid sport purposes (maximum 5,700 kg at takeoff).

Obtaining the PPL license is the first step in the modular course to become CPL (Commercial pilot) and an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot).


Duration of the course: 3 – 6 months, according to the time employed by the student


  • 16 Years old before the first solo flight and 17 years old at the issuance of the license
  • Aeronautical Class 2 medical examination
  • Passport size photograph


The theoretical content is developed in a total of 100 hours spread over 9 subjects:

  • Aviation Legislation
  • General knowledge of aircraft
  • Performance and flight planning
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of flight
  • Communications and radiotelephony
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures

The student must perform a desk review of each subject.


The flying exercises correspond to those required by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and are listed in the Manual Training school available to all students. These exercises develop in 45 hours of actual flight. Flight hours are divided into:

  • 35 Hours of dual flight.
  • 10 Hours of supervised solo flight including a cross-country flight of at least 270 km (150 NM), during which shall be at least 2 full stop landings at aerodromes that are not starting).

After overcoming the flying exercises the student will conduct a flight test.


Course price varies in accordance to the aircraft chosen by the student for instruction. The student can fly in any plane of school and made up the course to suit you depending on the flight hours flown on each aircraft. Each airplane has a fixed cost per-hour (all included). There are not fixed costs.

  • Enrollment fee: 400 €
  • Flight time Cessna 150: 130 €/hour
  • Flight time Cessna 172/PA28: 160 €/hour

(*) The aviation medical examination required for the Private Pilot course (medical certificate class 2) can be obtained at the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, C/ Castelló 80 Madrid – Doctor: Mr. Juan José Romero Canton. Telephone: 91.643.78.66 (by appointment, students Flyschool special conditions).

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