hab_indiv_campus2_residencia_mediumShare accommodation is a good way to save costs compared to individual housing and also provides a good way to make friends and motivation to study, though, requires the student to understand and respect the customs and needs of others.

Flyschool offers fully furnished student housing, these are divided into spacious single rooms and common areas, all with school and within the city of Madrid provided by bus and metro.

Rooms can be with or without bathroom and each has its own lock, antenna jack and WiFi internet. The very low prices from 250 € / month Rates include electricity, water, heating, Internet and cleaning of common areas.

Additionally, the student may contract: pickup and airport transfer, laundry and ironing and cleaning room.

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(*) Property subject to prior personal interview with the student.

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Información Academia

Flyschool Air Academy®
Escuela de Pilotos de Avión

Oficinas Centrales
Av. 25 de Septiembre, 8
28027 Madrid

91 116 21 87

Operaciones de Vuelo:

Edificio Flyschool (Sector A)
Aeropuerto de Cuatro Vientos
28044 Madrid

91 508 06 87