All commercial pilots and air traffic controllers that operate over international routes have to be evaluated on their English language proeficiency by an approved authority. ICAO mandates that all aviation personnel implied in any flight have to communicate properly using the standard ICAO phraseology (ICAO doc. 9832) in a simple and basic English level (ICAO doc. 9835).

For those piltos who whish to, we offer the possibility to do the official language proeficiency tests with us in order to obtain or renew the English language proeficency (check levels). Validity levels: level 4-3 years, level 5-6 years and level 6-for life.

To perform the test contact us in advance and we’ll accommodate the date and time that best suits you and coordinate with the authorized examiners availability.

We have available English online courses to review and improve basic English and ATC communications. We can also provide qualified instructors for students who need additional support with private lessons.

This Course includes:

  • 260 learning hours general English (A1-C1)
  • 100 learning hours ATC aeronautical English
  • Personal tutor option
  • Evaluation (Ask Questions, Speaking, Listening, Reading)
  • “SpeechTrainer” technology that analises the students oral expression and corrects pronunciation faults


Get ready to have a perfect control of ATC communications

Immediate school enrollment, online methodology and room for improvement with tutors


1English preparation course
260 learning hours of General English (A1-C1)
100 learning hours of ATC Aviation English

Precio: 150 €
2Language competence
Part A: one-on-one interaction
Personal interview (10 min)

Part B: no visual contact
Audio comprehension (15 min)

Part C: one-on-one interaction
Vocabulary, structure and pronunciation (10 min)

Precio: 150 €
3Private English teacher
Consult with the school about your needs

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Do not miss the opportunity to improve your level of English, A growing number of airlines request a level 5 of English to access their employment calls. Start getting ready now.

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