The aeronautical sector and its growth

Aeronautical sector is a constantly growing sector due to the everyday need of mobility across the globe

The need of new pilots

Aviation is one of the industries with the greatest growth expectations due to the globalization and its necessity for transport. This growth is expected to continue at least until 2038.

This continued need for growth and replacement of pilots is quantified in Europe in 112,000 new jobs, and in 600,000 in other parts of the world

There is no doubt that the number of flights are increasing, and this only happens thanks to the crews that operates them.

Number of aircrafts, flight hours, cargo and passengers transported are rising.

Europe needs 112.000 new pilots

World´s need for 600,000 pilots until 2038

Crisis: How it will affect us

As any other sector it depends on economic fluctuations and cycles and its inertia throughout the world, but despite these ups and downs, will continue growing.

Studies carried out by prestigious companies like Airbus, Boeing or IATA review the trends inside the sector in the last years and attempt to predict the future in order to adapt demand and needs to the reality.

Aviation is probably the sector where crisis has lasted less due to the need of travel around the developed and globalized world allowing employment balance for pilots supply and demand among the different continents as well as airplanes movements

Working as a pilot will allow you to enter a continuously evolving sector, with different job opportunities, stability and good remuneration

Employment opportunities

Obtaining the commercial or airline pilot license, means the pilot can operate remunerated flights as a professional. Most commonly it means the pilot will work for a passenger airline, but there are other employment opportunities.

There are pilots that have vocation for aviation jobs like firefighting, aerial surveillance, special transport or executive private aviation. All these employment opportunities energize daily work.

Other pilots may be attracted to pilot teaching and will only have to complete an instructor course to become tomorrow´s pilots instructors, delivering theoretical and flight training classes, a profession that will allow you to sleep at home every day, to fly and the personal satisfaction of helping students to fulfill their dream.