ICAO License conversion to EASA License

Those pilots who have an ICAO flight licence and who wish to obtain an FCL-EASA licence in Spain may avail themselves of the different options and cases contemplated in the EASA and Aviation Safety State Agency (AESA) regulations, the Training Director (HT) will evaluate each case.

There are different flight hours or credits depending on the accredited experience of the pilot aspiring to convert his licence. The pilot will be able to keep the original licence and the EASA licence in force.

Flyschool has online and video conference theoretical training to facilitate the student's study.

This course includes:

  • Online and video conference training platform
  • EASA exam questions bank
  • Own examination room for those students who require it
  • Tutorials or ground school for those students who request it.
  • Aircraft and simulators Garmin / Glass Cockpit for training purposes
  • We manage the documentation with the aviation authority.

Training adapted to pilot experience

1Private Pilot License Airplane PPL(A) (> 100 H)
Those private pilots with ICAO flight license and at least 100 total flight hours can benefit from the process of converting the private pilot license according to the European Union Official Journal issued 25 November 2011 with the following training and checking:

Registration (documentation management)
Air Law and human factors theory subjects (15 total hours)
Study material
Price: 500 €

EASA flight adaptation theoretical briefing
5 training flight hours
2 skill test flight hours
Price: 2,000 €

Total course: 2,500 € (VAT included)
(AESA taxes and examiner fee not included)
2Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) IR/MEP
Commercial pilots will be able to take advantage of the flight hours carried out under their ICAO license and benefit from significant discounts in the instruction hours of the instrument and commercial modules based on their previous experience according to the latest regulatory changes.

MODULE 1: Airline transport pilot license (ATPL) ON-LINE option
650 learning hours in English (on-line) / From 3 to 6 months
90 in-class learning hours (preparation to exams)
14 subjects theoretical exam required
CBT teaching material and personalized tutoring
Price: 2,950 € / presential option 4,950 €

MODULO 2: Multi-Engine rating (MEP)
10 Theoretical hours of multi-engine piston aircraft
6 advanced multiengine flight hours
Price: 2,950 €

Training for pilots with IR rating and 50H IFR PIC
FNPT-II simulator level test
Price: 900 €

Training for pilots with more than 500 flight hours
7:30 hours of flight in simple and advanced plane
Price: 2,950 €

Training for pilots with less than 500 flight hours
15 advanced single engine flight hours
Price: 4,950 €
5 hours of night flight in basic single engine
Accommodation, travel and meals.
Price: 1.800 €

3:00 advanced multi engine flight hours
Examiner fee
Price: 1,200 €

Course total, from: 10,950 €
(AESA taxes and examiner fee not included)
3ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot License
Pilots with ATP license will benefit from a reduction in training hours, the minimum required by EASA for license and rating conversion, essential requirement for any type rating endorsement (TR).

MODULE 1: Airline transport pilot license (ATPL) ON-LINE option
400 ground school hours in English (on-line) / from 3 to 6 months
90 presential ground school hours (exams preparation)
14 subjects theoretical exam required
CBT teaching material and personalized tutoring
Price: 2,950 € / on site option 4,950 €

MODULE 2: Multi engine rating (MEP)
10 Theoretical hours of multi-engine piston aircraft
6 advanced multi engine flight hours
Price: 2,950 €
MODULE 3: multi engine associated (MEP/IR) instrument rating
5 simulator hours FNPT-II
Price: 900 €

MODULE 4: Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
5 advanced single engine flight hours
Price: 1,500 €

3:00 advanced multi engine fllight hours
Price: 1,200 €

Course Total: 9,500 €
(AESA taxes and examiner fees not included)
4Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) + 500 hours TR
Pilots holding the ATPL license and Type Rating with 500 hours of experience will benefit from the highest reduction of hours to perform their license conversion with the corresponding rating, according to Regulation 1178/20211 of the European Commission.

PHASE 1: Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) ONLINE option
Online CBT theoretical 400 hours study / between 3 an 6 months
Video-conference theoretical 900 hours (teacher support)
Requires theoretical exam for 14 subjetcs
Didactic material in CBT and personalized tutoring
Price: 2.500 €
(Fees and taxes not included)

PHASE 2: Simulator evaluation Level-D T/R by TRE/SFE
1 Simulator adaptation sesión
IR, PBN and UPRT proficiency assessment session
1 ATPL competency evaluation session
Price: Consult with the simulator center (EASA approved)
(*) Aeronautical Authorities may require the completion of the A-UPRT flight course at the ATO. License may be processed with different EASA authorities.
Other costs to be taken into account:

Theoretical subjects fee ATPL (MOD-791): 77,79 €/subject (9)
Theoretical subject fees must be paid at least 10 days before the exam and handed out at school
Class 1 medical certificate fees: 400,40 € (at CIMA), class 2: 100,00 €.
Medical certificate must be obtained before beginning of the flight phase.
License issuance fees PPL, CPL/Conversion (MOD-791): 50,25 € and 190,33 €
All the documents issued in third countries must be legalized. For more information about legalization of documents, depending on the issuer: Hague Apostille or consular legalization (as the case may be) Instrument flight instructor ratings cannot be validated.

Entry requirements and upcoming promotions

  • ICAO Flight Licence and ratings in force
  • Language Proficiency (EASA)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate (EASA)
  • 50H PIC IFR Certificate for IR conversions from CPL
  • Original and/or apostilled flight hours certificate.
  • Immediate start of online training
  • Handling of documentation with the aviation authority
  • Recommend pilot contact with the aviation authority


High demand for commercial pilots in Europe due to generational change

In the next 10 years, over 100,000 technicians will be needed…

Frequently asked questions

Which aircrafts can I operate with this license?
The airline commercial pilot license CPL(A) and ATPL (Frozen) allows to work as a professional pilot starting as first officer and pilot in command once reached a minimum experience of 1,500 hours..

Where is my title and license recognized?
The pilot may work in all airline companies with a valid operation license (AQC) in any EASA normative country, in any aircraft registered in an EASA country and fly all around the world, while respecting the requirements of international standards OACI.

What are the requirements needed for registration?
General requirements for registration are the following: must be at least 18 years of age, must hold a class 1 (professional) aeronautics medical certificate, must hold the general certificate of Secondary Education (preferably technological), or its equivalent or higher.

Where can i go to obtain the medical certificate?
Hospital de día Pío XII (Dr. Jon Burzaco)
C/ Cuesta del Sagrado Corazón, 4 – Telephone number: + 34 91 353 15 10
Click here to see the list of approved medical consultations

How are the course official exams?
The theoretical exams are multiple choice with an only valid response. In all there are 6 examination dates and 4 per subject. Flight exams will be performed with an official examiner and the student will know in advance items evaluated.

Where do I have to take the theoretical and practical exams?
All official theoretical and flight exams are taken at the school in person. The examination dates will be adjusted as far as possible to the students and exams distribution..

f I choose an online course, will I have the support of a teacher?<
Of course. Students have a permanent guardian and several means of contact such as e mail, facetime or video call, and the possibility to come to school for private tutoring with subject teachers..

How long will it take to complete the course?
It depends on various factor such a the time dedicated to personal study or availability to conduct the student flights, meteorology, etc. As an approximated value, the average duration of the course is from 4 to 12 months.

What are you waiting for to sign up?

If your dream is to work in an EASA country this is your course. With the European license you will be able to work in a long list of airlines like Iberia, Vueling, Air Europa, Air Nostrum, Canary Fly, Plus Ultra, Wamos, Euro Wings, Swiftair, Ryanair, etc.

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