Airline Pilot Assessment Preparation Course

At Flyschool we recognise that holding the CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL is just an entry requirement for a job interview and what sets a candidate apart is having the confidence to demonstrate core ICAO competencies.

Are you unsure about how to answer those difficult questions about your weaknesses or mistakes you’ve made? Then let us help you prepare for your personal interview!

This interview preparation course will help you to improve your English and develop the skills and tactics necessary to pass your personal interview. It’s concise, focused and will provide you with all the information you need. It’ll help you to boost your confidence to pass the interview and start the next chapter in your aviation career!

Our instructors are current airline Training Captains, specialists with a large and solid background in airlines interviews and procedures.

This course includes:

  • Overview of airline’s recruitment process
  • Real group exercises practice
  • Individual interview practice
  • Understanding pilot job, challenges and skills required
  • Flight simulator testing
  • Complimentary e-mail from professional airline interview consultants


An introduction and overview what expect and what to do after finishing your training
Options available after finishing the training
How to apply
The recruitment process
What is next after a successful interview

Time: 2:30 hours
2Group Interviews
Group interview used by the majority of the airlines where it will be assessed group, individual behavior and performance

Time: 0:30 hours
3Individual Interviews
Personalized and face to face interview that you can expect and experience what happens in a real airline interview

Time: 0:30 hours
4Simulator Assessment
1 hour of A320 simulator where you will be guided and tested how to deal and behave on real airline assessment acting as a PF or PM

Time: 1:00 hours / 5:00 hours
Personalized and detailed feedback regarding the student performance, strong and week points, tips and areas for improvement

Time: 00:30 hours

Basic Interview Preparation Course with 1:00 hour A320 simulator - 300 euro per student

Advanced Interview Preparation Course with 5:00 hours A320 simulator - 500 euro per student

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If you are already a commercial pilot and you want to get prepared for the job interviews carried out by airlines, this is your course. We will teach you the international job opportunities and the entrance exams secrets.

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