The Cabin Crew Member (CCM) are addressed to people with communication skills interested in the commercial aviation field, eager to know the world and relate to people from other cultures, far from offices and ordinary life.

Flight Attendants are responsible of carrying out flight operations before and after each flight, and on-board care and assistance applying the rules, regulations and established procedures.

Embrace a high flight profession. Have fun on your job with the Cabin Crew (CC) EASA European Certificate. Open up a different window every day (Paris, Rome, Milan…

Location Av. 25 de septiembre, 8 Madrid (available parking), timetable (M-F): morning: 10:00 to 14:00.

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This course includes:

  • Theoretical training syllabus according to official AIRCREW legislation
  • Practical training syllabus according to official AIRCREW legislation
  • Real airplane practice for safety and emergency procedures
  • nitiation to flight in an A320 simulator with commercial pilots.
  • Text material, uniformity, fees and examination fees
  • Job interview preparation and career counseling


Initial training and Airbus A320 familiarization

Easy and fast course with job opportunities

Training modules (150 hours)

120 hours of theoretical knowledge

General Aviation theoretical knowledge
Aeronautical medicine aspects and first aid
Relevant aeronautical regulations and institutions for cabin crew
Introduction to aeronautical Human Factors (HF) and Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Passenger assistance and cabin surveillance
Aviation safety general aspects
Dangerous goods
Airbus A320 familiarization
20 hours of practice:

Aspects of aeronautical medicine and first aid
Passenger assistance and cabin surveillance
Fire and smoke fighting training
Survival techniques
Airbus A320 flight familiarization

Practices will take place in a real airplane (no motion), flight simulator and swimming pool. Travel expenses, allowances and accident insurance included. These days the school days may be extended to 8 hours.
Written theoretical exam
Airplane and swimming pool practical exam
AESA authorized examiner fees
Issue license fees
10 hours of theoretical-practical training:

Professional resume writing
Practice exercises in group dynamics
Standard level test in general culture and English

Frequently asked questions

Which companies and aircrafts can I work for?
The title provided by accredited schools is valid to work in all EASA airlines. After completion of the initial course, the airline will train the professional in the specific airplane he will operate..

Can I work in more than one airplane type?
Yes, flight attendants can exercise their duties in up to three different aircrafts. These will be included in the Cabin Crew license and a refreshment course will be held yearly to maintain the license valid and current.

What are the entrance requirements to enroll?.
General requirements are the following: to be at least 18 years of age, CC aeronautic medical certificate, baccalaureate, command of the English language and to be able to swim 100 meters in less than two and half minutes. This last requirement will be trained during the swimming practice.

Where can I get the medical certificate?
Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Dr. Juán José Cantón)
C/Castelló, 80 – Tel.: 91.643.78.66 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to10:00)
Hospital de día Pío XII (Dr. Jon Burzaco)
C/ Cuesta del Sagrado Corazón, 4 – Telephone: 91 353 15 10

How are the course official exams?
There are two exams: A theoretical multiple-choice test with only one valid answer and a practical exam with exercises such as rescue, first aid, cabin fire fighting, emergency procedures, etc.

What happens if I fail?
The student is entitled to retake another exam during the next school examination period. If the student needs to reinforce concepts or the practice of swimming, he will be able to sign up for additional training hours.

Does the passenger cabin crew license expire?
Validity of the certificate is limited in time unless revoked by the authority or not exercising its Cabin Crew duties in the last 60 months. In this case, a refresher course can be held.

How long will take to complete the course?
The estimated duration is 6 weeks. Since we have our own simulators and instructors, it is largely in line with the planned duration. The course will be subject to the examiner availability authorized by the Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)

What are you waiting for to sign up?

Flyschool manages curriculum with all airlines staying in permanent contact and following up on results.

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