Instrument Rating IR(A) and PBN

This course is intended for Private Pilots (PPL) or Commercial Pilots (CPL) who wish to extend their capabilities to be able to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR) during all phases of flight, which is mandatory for airline pilots (ATPL).

The rating can be obtained in association with single-engine (SEP), multi-engine (MEP) or adapted from single-engine to multi-engine. In addition, the pilot must have a night flight rating (NIGHT) in order to perform his duties.

If the student has the theoretical IR or ATPL course, he/she can start immediately the practical programme, otherwise he/she can do the theoretical course with us, we have classroom and online training.

This course includes:

  • Turbocharged airplanes with Garmin. Nav.
  • Last generation Glass Cockpit simulators
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Radiotelephony (FCL.055) practices
  • English ATC course and English language proficiency exam
  • Airport taxes, fuel and flight check.


Learn flying in turbocharge airplanes, Garmin navigation systems and Glass Cockpit

The student may set up the course with these modules:

1Instrumental theoretical course (IR) ONLINE (only students without ATPL)
Semi-presential option with 15 hours of in-person classes and additional training thought CBT use up to a total of 150 hours of training


Air law
Aircraft general knowledge
Flight performance and planning
Human factors
Principles of flight
Price: 1,900 €

2Single-engine instrument training (IR/SEP)
35 hours flight time in FNPT-II Glass Cockpit simulator
15 hours flight time in single-engine Garmin Nav aircraft
Theoretical Instrument Flight Refresher Course (IR)
Radiotelephony theory course (FCL.055)
100 hours of online ATC English course Language Proficiency Test (English)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
Exam Flight (up to 3:00 hours)

Price: 10.500 €.
3Single-engine instrument training (IR/SEP)
50 Hours of flight time in a single-engine Garmin Nav aircraft
Theoretical course on Radiotelephony (FCL.055)
Theoretical Instrument Flight Refresher Course
100 hours of online ATC English course
Language Proficiency Test (English)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
Examination flight (up to 4:00 hours)

Price: 14.000 €.
4Multi-engine instrument training (IR/MEP)
40 Flight hours in FNPT-II Glass Cockpit simulator
15 flight hours in a Garmin Nav multi-engine aircraft
Instrument and multi-engine flight theory course 100 hours of online ATC English course
Theoretical course on Radiotelephony (FCL.055)
Language Proficiency Test (English)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
Exam Flight (up to 3:00 hours)

Price: 15.000 €.
5Instrument adaptation to multi-engine (IR/MEP)
Multi-Engine Theoretical Flight Course
6 Hours of multi-engine VFR Garmin Nav flight time
2 hours multi-engine IFR Garmin Nav flight hours
3 hours flight time in FNPT-II Glass Cockpit simulator
Flight test (up to 3:00 hours)

Price: 5.450 €.
6Night Flight Rating (NIGHT)
5 hours of single-engine flight
2 hours flight time in FNPT-II Glass Cockpit simulator
Accommodation and transport costs included

Price: 1.800 €.
7Multiengine class rating (MEP)
7 hours of theoretical training in multi-engine aircraft
6 hours of multi-engine VFR flight time
Examination flight (up to 1:00 hours)

Price: 3.600 €.
8Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
Students who wish to keep their instrument rating in force must have PBN training.
7 hours of theoretical training on an online platform
1 hour of classroom-based theoretical training
5 PBN approaches in FNPT-II simulator.
Proficiency test

Price: 500 €.

Entry requirements and upcoming promotions:

  • 70 PIC hours to complete the multi-engine course (MEP)
  • Theoretical and instrumental course before the practical part of the course
  • 50 Hours XC to perform instrument rating (IR)
  • IR Basics for NIGHT
  • Immediate start (Madrid and Mallorca)
  • EFlight and simulator programming tailored to the student/li>

Frequently asked questions

Which are the privileges of this qualification?
Pilots with an instrument rating (IR) may conduct and fly fully instrument flight plans. The rating may be associated with single or multi-engine aeroplanes and with day or night conditions.

Which modules should I take?
There are two routes: single-engine instrument rating and then adaptation to multi-engine or take the multi-engine course from the beginning. In addition, the pilot must take the multi-engine (MEP) and night (NIGHT) class rating.

What requirements do I need to enrol?
The general requirements are 18 years of age and a Class 2 aeronautical medical certificate. In addition, the pilot must have passed the Theoretical Transport (ATPL) or Theoretical Instrument Rating (IR) course less than 3 years ago.

Where can i go to obtain the medical certificate?
Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Dr. Juán José Cantón)
C/Castelló, 80 – Tel.: 91.643.78.66 (Tuesday and thursday from 8:00 to 10:00)
Hospital de día Pío XII (Dr. Jon Burzaco)
C/ Cuesta del Sagrado Corazón, 4 – Telephone: 91 353 15 10

What are the official course exams like?
The theoretical exams are multiple-choice tests with only one valid answer, there are 6 total exam sessions and 4 per subject. The flight exam is done with an official examiner and the student will know in advance the points to evaluate the flight.

What can i do if I need additional training?
Not all students achieve their goals in the same amount of time, those students who need it can hire private support classes or additional flight hours with the school's instructors of their choice.

If I choose an online course, will I have the support of a teacher?
Of course, students have a permanent tutor and different means of contact such as email, video call and the option to come to the school and have private tutorials with the regular teachers of the subject.

How long will it take to complete the course?
It depends on several factors such as the student's availability, assimilation of concepts (it is an advanced course), meteorology during the flight phase, and the time it takes the student to pass the official theoretical exams. As a guideline, the duration can be 2-3 months.

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Instrument rating is probably the most important theoretical -practical module of the airline pilot course. We have the best airplanes, simulators and the best instructors to achieve training excellence..

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