Flyschool Air Academy is currently one of the best aeronautical training centers in southern Europe. We are located in Madrid (Spain) and from here we collaborate with all our students to make their dreams come true and develop a brilliant aeronautical career with our pilot courses.

The main headquarters of the school is located in the center of Madrid, with easy transport by metro, bus and parking for students, in it are the classrooms for the modular commercial pilot courses, cabin crew and the certified simulator of Airbus A320.

At Madrid – Cuatro Vientos airport we have our own independent building dedicated to flight operations (FBO), with classrooms for integrated commercial pilot courses, briefing rooms, study head offices, certified flight simulators and a fleet of 15 aircraft for pilot training.

We have a highly qualified staff in all areas that make up the organization. Office staff, technical staff, head of studies and teachers share the vocation for their work in the teaching area, helping our students and colleagues to achieve their goals. Students will not only find a school in Flyschool, we will also be their travel companions in the exciting development of their training.

We have a magnificent fleet of aircraft with various units of CZECH PS28 Sport Cruiser, Cessna 172, Piper PA28 Cadet and Piper PA34 Seneca Turbo, the you can check here . We also have first-rate flight simulators .

These are our Courses:

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course
Modular Commercial Pilot Course
Cabin Crew Course
Instrumental Qualifications (IR)
Drone Pilot Course (RPAS)
Language Proficiency in English
Private Airplane Pilot PPL (A)
Theoretical Airline Transport
Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT)
Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)
Flight Instructor (FI)
ICAO license conversion to EASA

If you have always wanted to be a pilot, don’t wait any longer to fulfill your dream of flying.

We have all the commercial pilot courses for you to obtain your commercial pilot license and we can inform you of the price of the commercial pilot course if you call us. Likewise of our private pilot course, like the other prices of airplane pilot courses.

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