Ryanair is looking for pilots at Flyschool Air Academy

Flyschool Air Academy has received the visit of those responsible for the Ryanair selection process on March 23. The information day was held at the Madrid Cuatro Vientos airport facilities, where all the school’s students were informed about the policy for hiring pilots, access requirements, programs, etc.

The company assures that it will need 2,000 new pilots in the upcoming years, and within the necessary requirements to be hired by Ryanair, the pilot will be required to have completed the APS MCC course with 40 hours of simulator time, in this way the Flyschool students will have the opportunity to apply to the company, as we have been pioneers in incorporating this training in Spain (see course).

We were also able to talk openly and pleasantly about the future of the sector and the growth plans of the company itself. We thank the speakers Andrei Moisan and Álvaro Bujanda for having given such an enriching conference. From the school we will continue working to bring the world of work closer to our students and reinforce their knowledge of it as well as give them the best training for a successful professional future

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