Flyschool buys two Tecnam P2006T from the factory

Fulfilling our commitment to renew the fleet and reduce emissions, this week we have acquired the first of two CS/23 certified TECNAM P2006T MKII GLASS IFR, which replace the Piper Seneca II/III model for Multi-Engine Training (MEP) and Instrumentation (IR/MEP).

The purchase has been made directly from the Tecnam factory in Italy (, it is a new aircraft manufactured for Flyschool, and it will be at the Madrid base in January 2022.

The second unit will arrive in 2023 and will go to the Mallorca Base. This purchase is part of both the fleet improvement policy and the reduction of CO2 emissions with savings of up to 55% over other models on the market.

Relevant characteristics of the aircraft:

Max speed 145 kts
Service ceiling 14,000 ft
Type of operation VFR, IFR
Engine power 100 hp x 2 MOGAS / AVGAS
Rate of climb (sea level) 1.036 ft /min
Max. Range approx 650NM

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