Passing the Flight Instructor (FI) course enables the pilot to enter in Authorized Training Organization (ATO) approved and certified to train Private Pilots (PPL) and Commercial Pilots (PPL).

This endorsement initially is obtained for single engine airplanes. After building up experience and flight hours as an instructor the pilot can do additional training in order to expand his instructor capabilities and be able to teach in Multi Engine airplanes (FI-MEP), Instruments (FI-IR), Night Flight (FI-NIGHT), Upset Recovery Training (FI-UPRT), etc.

Expected dates: November, February and June, Entry requirements:

Single engine or Initial Instructors (FI): CPL or PPL license with more than 200 flight hours and CPL knowledge

Instruments instructors (FI-IR): 200 instrument flight hours (FI) or 800 instrument flight hours (CPL)

Multi-engine Instructors (FI-MEP): over 500 total flight hours and 30 multi-engine flight hours as PIC

UPRT (FI-UPRT) instructors: over 500 total flight hours in airplane and 200 flight hours as a Flight Instructor.

The course for beginner instructors (FI) includes:

  • Course access exam (theory exam and flight check)
  • Theory training and review of basic concepts, advanced and teach and learning thechniques
  • Practical training in airplane and flight simulator
  • Final exams (theory and flight)
  • Examiner fees and license add on priviledges fees
  • Option to take the UPRT course for an additional € 1,000


All students are part of the school job bank

TWork with us and build fligh hours

Single-Engine Instructor course content (FI)

1Theory phase 125 learning hours
Teach and learning technics
Private Pilot theory knowledge
Advanced Comercial Pilot theory knowledge
Flight techniques, flight operations ad aircraft manuals
Group pratices as instructors (theoretical and flight concepts)
2Practial phase 30 flight hours
25 Flight hours in real airplane
5 Flight hours in flight simulator
Briefing and debriefing

3Flight exam or flight check
Theory exam (a real classe from the instructor will be valued)
Pactial exam (oral exam, manoeuvers and flight experise)
Exam fees and AESA fees not included.

Frequently asked questions

Which course can I teach as a flight instructor (FI)?
Private pilots PPL(A), (with a qualified instructor supervision up to 100 hours of instruction and 25 hours of supervision/monitoring???), and commercial pilots CPL(A) once the instructor has 500 total flight hours and 200 flight hours as an instructor.

Can I charge working as an instructor?
All flight instructors with Commercial Pilot License CPL or Private Pilot License PPL will be able to take paid work provided that they are registered in the General Social Security Plan within an authorized AESA training organization.

What are the entrance requirements to enroll? O register…
Commercial Pilot license CPL(A) or Private Pilot license PPL(A) with over 200 total flight hours and CPL knowledge?? Expertise??, medical certificate and recent experience of 5 single engine flight hours in the past 6 months

Where can I get the medical certificate?
Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Dr. Juán José Cantón)
C/Castelló, 80 – Tel.: 91.643.78.66 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00)
Hospital de día Pío XII (Dr. Jon Burzaco)
C/ Cuesta del Sagrado Corazón, 4 – Telephone: 91 353 15 10

How are the course official exams?
The student will have to pass two exams, a knowledge theoretical test and a theoretical - practical test with oral presentation of flight briefing and debriefing with skill test and demonstration of in flight teaching skills.

What can I do if I need further training?
An admission test is performed to assess the student level. In case of not reaching the required level before starting the course or during the course, the school will recommend the student an additional training.

Do I have an online training platform?
Of course, students have the course material in the online platform, with theoretical contents, teaching techniques, recorded classes for refreshment/update??, permanent tutor and different means of contact for resolution of doubts.

How long will it take to complete the course?
It depends on various factor such as the student availability, flight weather conditions, number of students at all times personal study and how long it takes the student to pass the theoretical official exams. As an approximated value, the average duration of the course is three months.

What are you waiting for to sign up?

If you are a CPL (A) commercial airplane pilot and you want to start your aeronautical career with us, this is your course. The instructor profession is highly rewarding as it provides a higher level of knowledge and expertise in flight. It is ideal both for those pilots who want to make a career in general aviation and for those who want to gain experience for their entry into airlines.

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